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Sunday, December 26

nak taw ker?

haluoo my dearest reader !

tag lagi meyh. kali ni dibawakan khas oleh fatin amira kamisan. haa, soalan dia sgat plek  xp
wlaupun begitu, sila tabahkan hati && ikhlas an diri en, heee

if someone say; " it`s okay" , you will say
nope, it`s never okey

how you describe yourself
im a girl person who dont like strange && strong aroma, like weired perfume

how do you like in guy/girl
mreka yg menghargai persahabatan

how do you feel today
awk, bye. good luck in your life. will mish you  ;)_miss pinky
hurm, kne blek hostel awl, 31 dis. how come ?

what is your life purpose
trying to be my self

what is your motto
moto ego.haaa
jgn pandang belakang, nnti ad hantu :)

what do your friends think of you
dont know, just ask them yourself

what do you think of you
dare to be diffrent * songlap  motto 3 zuhrah

what do you think about every often
hurmm, mybe its about my mistakes

what is 2 + 2
friendship && 2 + 2 = 4 !
what do you think about your bestfriend
they are really joy friends && make me smile

what do you think of a person you like
nice person

what is your life story
ta nk cite! full of beautiful colour ;)

what do you want to be when grow up
good girl

what is your biggest fear
hurm, nope

da la pnat! hee, soe atin miera .hanya ini sja yg ku mampu xp
nwat thanx alot


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